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It is visionaries like you—bold, curious, and inspired—who have helped us become the preeminent research center on human sexuality and relationships.

Because of you, we will continue the legacy of Dr. Alfred Kinsey for generations to come.

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Why give?

The Kinsey Institute has one mission: to foster and promote a greater understanding of human sexuality in all its diversity. We achieve this through impactful research, outreach and education, and historical preservation—but we can’t do it alone. Kinsey Institute researchers and affiliates are entering a new realm of research on the human experience. Your partnership will play a vital role in furthering new discoveries and breakthroughs that will help millions lead healthier, happier lives for generations.

Ways to give

Please consider making an immediate and tangible impact by investing in the following areas. Together, we will build on Dr. Kinsey’s legacy of exploration, academic freedom, and leadership to educate and inspire future generations.

Giving opportunities

Kinsey Institute Research Fund


Help support ongoing studies including sexual identity and gender diversity; women's reproductive health; HIV and STIs; aging and sexuality; and the effects of sexual assault and aggression on individuals and their relationships.

Kinsey Institute Art & Artifacts Fund


Help ensure that the Kinsey Institute's vast collection of art and artifacts continues to be seen by those who seek knowledge about humanity—and about themselves.

Kinsey Institute Digitization and Preservation Fund


Help support our initiatives to conserve and digitize the institute’s collections to ensure that they remain a readily accessible and invaluable resource for future generations.

Kinsey Report 2.0 - Ten Million Lives Research Project Fund


Support this web-based research platform that allows the global collection of survey data to build a comprehensive international study of sexuality.

Kinsey Confidential: Sex information from a Trusted Source Website


Support the Kinsey Confidential website to help ensure that young adults can access scientifically based information on sexuality from a trusted source.

Kinsey Institute Collections Fund


Help the Kinsey Institute maintain its valued research library and collections and make them available for the continued education of scholars around the world.

Kinsey Institute General Fund


Provide additional means for the Kinsey Institute to conduct valuable outreach and address internal needs such as professional development and operational expenses.

Kinsey Trauma Research Center Fund


A collaborative research initiative seeking to understand the impact of sexual trauma on mental and physical health. With your help, we will work toward developing new pathways that will enable individuals to recover from sexual trauma and regain their ability to lead fulfilling social and sexual lives.

Alfred C. Kinsey Sculpture Fund


2017 marks the 70th anniversary of the Kinsey Institute. We are raising funds for a statue of Dr. Kinsey to be installed on the Indiana University Bloomington campus. Help us celebrate and honor the pioneering spirit of this great IU scientist and preserve his legacy by making a donation today.

Give now

Note: The IU Foundation processes all donations to the Kinsey Institute. Selecting "give now" will redirect you to the IU Foundation website to donate via credit card.

Named gift opportunities

Named gifts are a meaningful and lasting way to show commitment to the study of human sexuality and relationships. Your support will help attract younger researchers whose ideas and imagination will be valuable as we work to educate future generations. All gifts—made in your or a loved one’s name—can be pledged over five years.* 

  • $25,000: Research Assistant
  • $50,000: Research Associate
  • $75,000: Post-Doctoral Fellow
  • $100,000: Senior Researcher

* Expendable funds are used immediately and must be replenished annually.

Endowed named gift opportunities

Named gift opportunities allow you to create an enduring legacy on the study of human sexuality and the sciences of love and relationships. Conveying esteemed distinction, positions supported by endowed named gifts are coveted by researchers and practitioners alike. They also aid in attracting leading minds to the Kinsey Institute—a key factor in maintaining a standing as the preeminent research center on human sexuality and relationships.

  • $250,000: Research Fellowship
  • $500,000: Research Laboratory
  • $1,000,000: Research Scientist
  • $1,000,000: Annual Research Symposium
  • $1,500,000: Curatorship in Sexual History
  • $1,500,000: Research Librarianship
  • $1,500,000: Research Chair
  • $5,000,000: Center for Trauma Research

Note: Endowed funds are designed to provide an annual income stream in perpetuity

Learn more

Would you like more information about supporting Kinsey Institute research through a named gift? Our Director of Development looks forward to speaking with you. 

Contact Herb Caldwell
Other giving options

Providing support that strengthens the Kinsey Institute's commitment to research excellence isn’t limited to credit cards. You can also contribute via check, matching gift programs, and payroll deductions (visit the IU Foundation* website for details). You can also contribute via:

  • Postal mail: Download this form to make a donation via postal mail
  • Securities: Make a gift through your broker or cash wire (to learn more, contact Herb Caldwell)

*IU Foundation, P.O. Box 6460, Indianapolis, IN 46206, acts as fiduciary for all gifts made to the Kinsey Institute.

Planned gifts

Whether you give through bequests, annuities, or another gift option, making a planned gift enables you to create a lasting legacy at the Kinsey Institute and support the causes closest to your heart for years to come.

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